Top Tips for Toddlerhood

Toddlebox parenting expert Sinead McGrath’s Top Tips are a quick guide to happier toddlers – and happier parents!


The role of routines

Toddlers do better with a good routine. It helps them feel safe, and to understand the different stages of their day, such as bedtime.

Make meals, not war!
Mealtimes should be enjoyable for you and your toddler. What can you both do to make food fun? Colourful plates or arranging food into fun shapes helps make meals more interesting.

Successful potty training
Don’t start potty training until your toddler can communicate. It’s often better to wait rather than to try too early. Stay positive and take your time.



Stay positive
When your toddler does well, praise them. Praise encourages good behaviour, and helps grow your toddler’s confidence.

Be reasonable
Toddlers will be toddlers, so don’t ask too much from them – or from yourself! They won’t be this age for long, enjoy it.

Happiness is… being patient

Remember that your mood can set the tone for the day. Toddlers need patient adults. A happy home can make for a happier toddler.

What goes on tour…

When you’re out and about, don’t worry if your toddler’s behaviour makes you look bad. You’re more likely to give out unnecessarily – or to give in! – when you feel under pressure.

Keep calm

It’s easy to lose your cool when your toddler is throwing a tantrum, but do your best to stay calm. Yelling or shouting can make a difficult situation worse.

Enjoy yourself

Family time together is so important, so go out and enjoy it. Let the housework wait till you’re ready, not the other way round.

Time is precious

Your toddler wants to spend time with you. The best gift you can give them is time and attention. Show that you love them, because these toddler years will pass only too quickly!

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