“I’m a toddler and I’m…. in a supermarket!” (Uh-oh!)

Don’t parents realise that supermarkets just aren’t built with us toddlers in mind? They’re bright, they’re big… they’re BORING! I have to hold onto the trolley and walk around with you or worse, sit in that little seat. And I’m not allowed touch anything! It’s awful! It’s really hard for me to be patient while you shop. I want to take things off the shelves. I want to climb and run around. And I really, really want to fill the trolley with all those yummy treats that aren’t on your shopping list!


Supermarkets are bright and noisy, and when you say no to me here, it’s hard to know how to behave.

I might act out and have a tantrum. But that can make you frustrated and embarrassed. And then people begin to stare, disapproving of my behaviour… You might even decide to leave the shopping unfinished, pick me up and take me outside.


It’s a problem, isn’t it? But I understand that you have to buy our food for the week. How about if we find a way to keep me involved and occupied? That way, I’m less likely to act out and you’re more likely to get your shopping done!

We need help. We need the Supermarket Saviour!

Us toddlers cope better when we feel that we are part of what’s going on; when it’s happening with us rather than to or around us. The Supermarket Saviour gives us an active role and it’s really good for our development (and you get your shopping done without the drama!).

toddler at the super market

Toddler Top Tip…

Bringing me down the sweets & crisps aisle is just setting me up to fail! If you need anything from here, get it another day when I’m not with you.”

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