How to Make Toddler Mealtimes Fun

If your toddler is engaged and happy, they’re more likely to eat the food on their plate. Try these ideas to keep family mealtimes light-hearted, interesting and most importantly- fun:

  • Serve food in interesting shapes and sizes to encourage play. Use cookie cutters to cut out star-, heart- or animal-shaped sandwiches. Pasta spirals or alphabet letters can keep them entertained.
  • Bring meals to life by arranging your toddler’s plate into a fun face, or naming foods. Broccoli and cauliflower pieces resemble small trees and can be turned into a ‘fun forest’.
  • Try to be relaxed about mess. Your toddler is likely to eat more if they’re allowed to feed themselves.
  • Get your toddler involved in the preparation and cooking of the food! The sense of achievement and involvement will encourage your toddler to try their own creation.
  • Use your imagination! Consider using a sticker chart; reward your toddler with a sticker every time they have a portion of fruit and veg.

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