Lucy Wolfe

Paediatric Sleep Consultant

Lucy Wolfe, CGSC, MAPSC, is a Paediatric Sleep Consultant, author and Mum of four! Her private sleep consulting practice Sleep Matters – Help Your Child Sleep, uses a gentle and effective approach for positive sleep. The Toddlebox sleep expert, Lucy’s skills, knowledge and valuable support bring a good night’s sleep to families across Ireland! She contributes online and to parenting magazines, and her sleep expertise is regularly called on by national media, including Ireland’s most watched daytime TV programme, Today with Maura & Dáithí.

“I’ve had my own challenges with four young children; two boys and two girls. There was a time when it really was crazy: with three children under four years of age, we were all tired and frustrated by our new roles.  As soon as you get through one stage another begins. And then the next child begins a new phase… Between all the demands on families, we don’t realise how amazing we are!! The toddler years are tough, but so rewarding and you always come out the other end.  My youngest is now five years old and life is much more civilised in our house now….”